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Automotive Paints

We carry a range of Automotive paints to suit any job, whether DIY or detailed and complex custom jobs. With our special equipment we can get you the exact color you need.

Decorative Paints

We offer the widest range of paints and coatings for exteriors and interiors. Whatever coating or paint you require we can get the precise colour you want.

Industrial Paints

We specialise in all types of industrial, commercial paint finishes and coatings spanning a wide spectrum of materials from woods and plastics to Metals and Masonary

Speciality Coatings

We have a large range of specialty Coatings which can be used for Motor Sport, Aircraft, Engine Coatings, Automotive, Boats, Plastic’s and Electrical equipment

Marine Paint

Do you have a boat, a plane, a jetty or dry dock? We can supply you paint that will help protect against the element in the color you need.